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Library Catalog Help

Frequently Asked Questions and How-to guide for using Getty's Library Catalog.

How do I add a record to My Saved Records?

The Library Catalog allows signed-in researchers to save records for subsequent sessions.

Records can be saved without signing-in but they are not retained between browser sessions.

After a record has been saved, the Saved Records page allows researchers to view, delete, label, and sort the saved records.

  1. Select pin icon to save a record

Pin icon circled

How do I view Saved Records?

When signed-in

  1. Select your name at the top of the screen

  2. Select Saved Records and Searches


When not signed-in

  1. Select Menu at the top of the screen

  2. Select Saved Records and Searches

The saved records will appear in a list. To view the detailed record of an item in the Saved Records list, select the title in the list.

Saved Records boxed and Picasso title circled

NOTE: Your saved records will also appear with a yellow background in your search results.

My Requests request with Getty, J. Paul and My Requests circled

How do I remove a record from My Saved Searches?

  1. Select the number beside the record you wish to remove from the list and a check box will appear

check box circled

  1. Select the unpin icon to remove the record

    Unpin icon circled

To unpin in your Search Results

  1. Select the unpin icon

Picasso search results

How do I label Saved Records?

Labels allow you to group and manage similar records in private lists.

You may assign multiple labels to a saved record if you want to include that record in multiple lists.

To label a record:

  1. Sign in with your patron ID number

  2. Navigate to Saved Records page

  3. Select ADD LABELS in the brief record display for the item you want to label

    Add Labels circled

  4. Enter your desired label. Example: architecture

    architecture label circled

  5. Example of the assigned label

    architecture and Labels circled

How do I sort Saved Records?

Records can be sorted by Date Added, Title, or Author.

  1. Select the dropdown arrow to display the options

  2. Select your desired option to sort the list

Sort by menu circled