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Julius Shulman Resources

An overview, selected bibliography, and frequently asked questions about the Julius Shulman Photography Archive, which contains over 260,000 vintage and modern prints, negatives, and transparencies.

Julius Shulman Photography Archive Overview

The archive contains more than 260,000 physical items (negatives, vintage and modern prints, transparencies, contact prints, color slides, in addition to clippings, papers and indices). Out of the 260,000 physical items there are 70,000 unique images. 

The archive is 537 linear feet (1231 boxes and 8 oversize flat files).The archive's Library Catalog record describes the collection as a whole.

Linked to the Library Catalog record are two finding aids and digitized content. The finding aids are online documents that provide additional information about the archive and Julius Shulman. The finding aids describe the contents and the arrangement (including box numbers) of the archival materials and they also contain links to digitized content.

Due to the very large size of the archive, one finding aid becomes a very large electronic document. Too large, in fact. Therefore, the archive is described in two finding aids (Series I, II, III, VI and Series IV). You may have to consult both finding aids to determine if the archive contains your desired items. Finding aids are keyword searchable using the search box in the finding aid. Additionally you can view the finding aid in "print view" and use keyboard commands (for PC use Ctrl + F or for Mac use Command ⌘ + F) to conduct a keyword search. Printing the Shulman archive's finding aids is not recommended. They total over 2,000 pages! 

Shulman used a numbering system to number his photographs. He considered each project a "job" (i.e., Job 2980: Case Study House No. 22). The archive has retained this numbering system. Part of the archive is arranged by job number and part of it is arranged by architect name or project with the job numbers included.

Locations such as cities, states, and countries are in the finding aid. Addresses for the majority of the jobs are not included in the finding aid. The dates for the jobs in the finding aid are the dates when Shulman took the photographs. In some jobs, the person or company who commissioned the photographs is listed, in addition to names of builders, interior designers, and landscape designers.

We recommend that you read the finding aid's Scope and Content of the Collection as well as the introductory information at the beginning of each Series. These contain detailed information regarding how the archive is organized.

Visiting the Library to Consult the Archive 

The archive must be consulted by appointment in the Special Collections Reading Room which is open, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. To make an appointment, please Ask a Librarian