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Provenance Research Resources

A guide to Getty Library archives at related to provenance, the art market, and the history of collecting.

Provenance Research Publications

Italian Inventories
I: Collections of Paintings in Naples 1600-1780, by Gérard Labrot, with Antonio Delfino; ed. Carol Togneri and Anna Cera Sones, 1992

II: Collezione dei dipinti Colonna Inventari 1611-1795, Eduard A. Safarik, with Cinzia Pujia; ed. Anna Cera Sones, 1996
III: Collezionisti e quadrerie nella Bologna del Seicento Inventari 1640-1707, by Raffaella Morselli; ed. by Anna Cera Sones, 1998
Spanish Inventories
I: Collections of Paintings in Madrid 1601-1755, by Marcus B. Burke and Peter G. Cherry; ed. Maria Gilbert, 1997

Netherlandish Inventories
I: Collections of Paintings in Haarlem 1572-1745, by Pieter Biesboer; ed. Carol Togneri, 2002

French Inventories
I: The Houses and Collections of the Marquis de Marigny, by Alden Gordon; ed. Carolyne Ayçaguer-Ron, 2003
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The Index of Paintings Sold in the British Isles during the Nineteenth Century
I: 1801-1805, ed. Burton B. Fredericksen, 1988
II: 1806-1810, ed. Burton B. Fredericksen, 1990
III: 1811-1815, ed. Burton B. Fredericksen, 1990
IV: 1816-1820, ed. Burton B. Fredericksen, 1996


Répertoire des tableaux vendus en France au XIXe siècle
I: 1801-1810, ed. Benjamin Peronnet and Burton B. Fredericksen, with Julia I. Armstrong, Sophie Hauser, and Armelle Jacquinot, 1998


Corpus of Paintings Sold in the Netherlands during the Nineteenth Century
I: 1801-1810, ed. Burton B. Fredericksen, with Ruud Priem and Julia I Armstrong, 1998


Verzeichnis der verkauften Gemälde im deutschsprachigen Raum vor 1800, by Tilmann von Stockhausen and Thomas Ketelsen; ed. Burton B. Fredericksen and Julia I. Armstrong, with the assistance of Michael Müller, 2002