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Early Photography in Greece and the Mediterranean

Photographs of ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture from 19th- and early 20th-century photographers, presented with an overview, bibliography, and photographers' biographies.

Special Holdings Related to Early Photography in Greece and the Mediterranean

This list includes rare books, manuscript and photographic collections, and Photo Study collections.

Hellenicorama or Grecian Views. London: J. Burgis, ca. 1800–1825. The Getty Research Institute (94.R.57) View Full Record
Athenian Antiquities, ca. 1890. This album includes views of Athens and its ancient monuments, including the Acropolis, the Areopagus, the Horologion of Andronikos, the Theater of Dionysus, and the Odeion of Herodes Atticus. There are also two panoramic views taken from the Acropolis and one view of the Bay of Salamis. 86.R.1
Athens, ca. 1870. A panoramic view of Athens consisting of six consecutive photographs mounted on board and folded accordion style. 93.R.85
Bracebridge, Selina. Notes Descriptive of a Panoramic Sketch of Athens, Taken May, 1839.... London: W. H. Dalton, 1839. Includes a printed plate of a panoramic sketch of Athens extending to 8.5 feet in length. N7436.52.G8 A8 1839
Dodwell, Edward. A Classical and Topographical Tour through Greece, During the Years 1801, 1805, and 1806. London: Rodwell & Martin, 1819. 90-B12791 
Fotografie dei monumenti greci, 1875–1885. A portfolio of photographs of classical Greek art and architecture, including numerous objects in Greek museums. 88.R.6
Handbook for Travellers in Greece: Including the Ionian Islands, Continental Greece, the Peloponnese, the Islands of the Aegan, Crete, Albania, Thessaly, & Macedonia: and a Detailed Description of Athens, Ancient and Modern, Classical and Mediaeval. London: John Murray, 1883? DF716. H36 1883
Hellenicorama or Grecian Views. London: J. Burgis, ca. 1800–1825. This boxed set of 24 cards depicting landscape views of Greece and the ruins of well-known ancient monuments is an example of a myriorama, a game popular in the first half of the 19th century, that uses a series of illustrated cards to form an overall view wherein each card is completely interchangeable. 94.R.57
Kawerau, Georg. The Excavation of the Athenian Acropolis 1882–1890: The Original Drawings. Edited from the papers of Georg Kawerau by J. A. Bundgaard. Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 1974. DF287.A2 K33 1974
Konstantinou, Dimitris. The Greek Countryside, 1860s. This photograph depicts a group of tourists walking along the modern road that follows the path of the Sacred Way from Athens to Eleusis. The island of Salamis, with its distinctive twin peaks known as the "Horns of Salamis," is visible in the background. 2002.R.15
Leake, William Martin, The Topography of Athens; With Some Remarks on its Antiquities.London: J. Murray, 1821. 91-B11693
Oppenheim, F. A. Photographies d'Athènes. Dresden, 1854. This album contains 20 views of the Acropolis and monuments in Athens, Greece. Monuments depicted include the Propylaia, the Parthenon and details of its frieze, the Erechtheion, the Hephaisteion, the Horologion of Andronikos, the Monument of Lysikrates, the Arch of Hadrian, and the Olympieion. 90.R.76
Pittakys, K. S. L'ancienne Athènes, ou, la description des antiquités d'Athènes et de ses environs. Athens: E. Antoniades, 1835. DF275.P68
Robertson, James. View of Greece, Egypt and Constantinople, ca.1853–1856. This collection of photographs includes 51 salt prints depicting the major antiquities of Athens. 2001.R.1
Rumine, Gabriel de. Views of Athens and Jerusalem, ca. 1859. Five of the photographs in this collection depict subjects in Athens. There are two views of the Acropolis, and a view taken from the top of the Acropolis looking toward Mount Lykabettos. A view of the facade of the Temple of Athena Nike shows its first reconstruction (1836–1842) since being demolished by the Turks in 1684. A fifth photograph shows one of the processional slabs from the Parthenon frieze. 95.R.23
Society of the Dilettanti. Drawings and Letters, ca. 1806–ca. 1840. Documentation related to the Society of the Dilettanti's work in recording and publishing ancient sculpture and architecture, primarily of Greece. 840199 (Link to the Finding Aid)
Society of the Dilettanti. The Unedited Antiquities of Attica: Comprising the Architectural Remains of Eleusis, Rhammus, Sunium, and Thoricus. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, and John Murray, 1817. NA270.U56 1817
Stademann, Ferdinand. Panorama von Athen an Ort und Stelle... ,1841. A panoramic atlas of Athens including ten lithograph panoramas of Athens, the Acropolis, and environs by Carl August Lebsche, each with overlay diagrams on tissue indicating key numbers located on schematic diagrams; six plates of views after L. Lange; an engraved general map; and text in German and French with a legend for the key numbers. The drawings and text capture the state of the Acropolis before modern restorations effaced all traces of its non-Classical history. P990014
Stillfried, Raimund, Baron von. Ausgrabungen in Delphi, 1890. This photograph of the archaeological excavations at Delphi includes the village of Kastri, which stood on the ancient site. 2002.R.16
Stuart, James. The Antiquities of Athens/Measured and Delineated by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett... London: J. Haberkorn, 1762–1816. 85-B3279
Study Photographs of Ancient Architecture, 1900s. A collection of modern photographs of ancient sites and monuments, concentrating on Greek and Roman architecture from the Greek Archaic through the late Roman Empire (sixth century BCE–sixth century AD). The cities in Greece for which major photographic documentation exists are Athens, Corinth, Delphi, Eleusis, Epidauros, Kos, and Olympia. 76.P.6
Study Photographs Depicting Greek Topography, Architecture and Excavations, Made from the Photographic Holdings of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1980s. Images from excavation sites including the Athenian Agora and surrounding areas (e.g., the Pnyx), as well as Bassae, Epidauros, Nemea, Oeniadae, Philious, and Zygouries. In addition to site views, the photographs depict architecture and architectural details, sculpture, and pottery. 82.P.1
Views of Athens, 1860s. Photographs in this collection include bird's-eye views of Athens, general views of the Acropolis and environs, and various Greek and Roman monuments around the city. Also included are two photographs of Athenian funerary stelae and two photographs of sections of the Parthenon frieze. 2001.R.10
Wilkins, William. Atheniensia, or, Remarks on Topography and Buildings of Athens.London: J. Murray, 1816. DT275.W68
Wood, John Turtle. Discoveries at Ephesus: Including the Site and Remains of the Great Temple of Diana. London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1877. DF221.E5 W8
Wood, John Turtle. Papers, 1863–1890. Correspondents include Heinrich Schliemann, who announces the discovery of a great tower and wall at Troy and discusses photography of Troy for a book. 860962