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Surrealism in Latin America

An overview of selected holdings related to Surrealism in Latin America and subject bibliography.

Primary Sources: Related Holdings in the GRI's Special Collections (By Country)

The Getty Research Institute's Latin American surrealist collections encompass various media: archival papers, journals, rare books, photographs, and artwork. These materials come from Chile, Peru, and Mexico and include, most notably, the papers of poet-editors Vicente HuidobroEnrique Gomez-CorreaCésar Moro, and Emilio Westphalen.

Industrias Kaiser Argentina. Papers documenting the Bienal Americana de Arte in Cordoba, Argentina, 1961–67.
Papers of the South American Art Biennials, Córdoba, directed by Christian Sorenson and sponsored by Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA). Collection consists of: correspondence with organizers, sponsors, jury members and artists; published material such as brochures, posters, flags, catalogs, and invitations; and audiovisual material including photographs, slides, and audio tape recordings of lectures and symposiums.
Payró, Julio. Julio Payró: letters received, 1937–1971.
The collection comprises 354 letters from 116 correspondents sent to the Argentine art critic Julio Payró between 1937 and 1971.
The collection contains letters from the Argentine artist Emilio Pettoruti to the art historian and critic, Julio Payró (1943–1957). One of the 52 letters is to Pettoruti, 3 letters are from Pettoruti's wife. They reflect in their content the experience of a Latin American artist amidst the European modernism art movement of the time.
Exposición de Diciembre: Maria Valencia, Gabriela Rivadeneira, Jaime Dvor, Waldo Parraguez. Santiago, Chile: Impr. Hoy, 1933.
Exposición de las obras de Jaime Dvor, Cesar Moro, Waldo Parraguez, Gabriela Rivadeneira, Carlos Sotomayor, Maria Valencia. Lima: C.I.P., 1935.
Salon de Agosto: Maria Valencia, Jaime Dvor, Carlos Sotomayor, 1935, Aug 24–31.Santiago, Chile: Imprenta "El Globo", 1935.
Arenas, Braulio. Exposición surrealista—Braulio Arenas, Jorge Cáceres: objetos, collages, dibujos: Santiago de Chile, Biblioteca Nacional, 22–31 Diciembre. Santiago, Chile: La Biblioteca, 1941.
970015 (box3, folder9) 
Ford, Charles Henry. Overturned Lake. Cincinnati: Little Man Press, 1941. Frontispiece by Matta
PS3511.O392 O9 1941 
Gómez-Correa, Enrique. Enrique Gómez-Correa papers, 1920–1995. 
Archive contains materials by and about poet, essayist and editor, Enrique Gómez-Correa, chiefly covering his activities during the 1940s, as well as his prominence in the South American surrealist movement. It contains correspondence, manuscripts, personal photographs, books, articles, clippings, artwork, and other material. 
Huidobro, Vicente. Vicente Huidobro papers, 1886–1968.
Papers of the Chilean poet, novelist, playwright and polemicist, Vicente Huidobro, comprised of correspondence, manuscripts, notes, printed matter, and photographs. 
Lihn, Enrique. Enrique Lihn papers, 1941–1988.
Chilean poet, playwright, novelist, and critic. Papers include Lihn's correspondence with poets, writers, publishers, artists, critics, and friends and family. His notebooks contain drafts of his writings, drawings, and notes. Other files hold research and lecture notes, drawings and collages, clippings and ephemera, as well as manuscripts by others. Included are some papers of the Chilean painter Pablo Burchard collected and maintained by Lihn. 
Matta Echaurren, Roberto Sebastián. Letter to the New York art dealer Sidney Janis, mentioning Leo Castelli, and illustrated with an abstract design in pastels representing "the idealist" and "the realist." ca. 1960.
Sotomayor, Carlos and Julio. Dios es Dos. Santiago de Chile, 1935.
Exposición de pintura actual: del 7 al 15 de diciembre en el pasaje América. Mexico City: Contemporáneos, 1928.
ND255.E97 1928 
Exposición de trabajos de los alumnos de la Escuela de Pintura y Escultura realizados durante el año de 1946: del 22 de abril al 9 de mayo, Salon Verde del Palacio de Bellas Artes. Mexico City: Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1947.
Exposición internacional del surrealismo, enero-febrero 1940: aparición de la gran esfinge nocturna, relojes videntes, perfume de la 5a. dimensión, marcos radioactivos, invitaciones quemadas / organizadores, André Breton, Wolfgang Paalen, César Moro.Mexico City: Galería de Arte Mexicano, 1940.
Breton, André. Mexique. Paris: Renou & Colle, 1939.
N6550 .R4 
Mérida, Carlos. Carnival in Mexico: Ten Original Color Lithographs. Mexico City, 1940.
Mérida, Carlos. Trajes regionales mexicanos, con introducción y texto explicativo de Salvador Echeverría. Mexico City: Ediciones Atlante, 1945.
Orozco, José Clemente. José Clemente Orozco letters to Jean Charlot, 1925–1943.
Paalen, Wolfgang. Letter: Paalen (Mexico) to Pierre Mabille (Fort-de-France), ca. 1940–ca. 1945. 
Posada, José Guadalupe. José Guadalupe Posada prints, 1880–1943.
A largely self-taught artist who produced more than 20,000 prints, his most well-known pieces for the publisher Antonio Vanegas Arroyo in Mexico City. Most were illustrated broadsides on brightly colored paper and sold by strolling vendors throughout Mexico. Posada influenced the 20th-century Mexican muralists, for whom he was the quintessentially Mexican populist artist. Collection includes newspapers, chapbooks, half-sheet and full-sheet broadsides, all of which are illustrated with Posada's prints. 
Rivera, Diego. California miners, San Francisco, CA, 1931.
Siqueiros, David Alfaro. David Alfaro Siqueiros papers, 1930–1936.
A leading member of the Mexican muralist movement and a technical innovator of fresco and wall painting. The collection consists almost entirely of manuscripts, some in many drafts, others fragmentary, the bulk of which date from the mid-1930s, when Siqueiros traveled to Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo, returning intermittently to Mexico City. A significant portion of the papers concerns Siqueiros's public disputes with Diego Rivera; there are manifestos against Rivera, eye-witness accounts of their public debate, and newspaper coverage of the controversy. 
Moro, César. César Moro papers, 1925–1987.
The papers of Peruvian Surrealist poet and artist César Moro include notebooks, drafts of poems, manuscripts of articles, personal diaries, exhibition catalogs, photographs, and correspondence with a number of other artists of the era, including André Coyné, Benjamin Péret, Paul Eluard, Leonora Carrington, Wolfgang Paalen, and Rufino Tamayo. Also included are two collages by Moro, a watercolor by Alice Rahon [Paalen], an etching by Wolfgang Paalen, and several works by mentally ill patients at the Hospital Larco Herrera, where Moro taught. The collection also includes books and journals from Moro's personal library. Collection material is in French and Spanish.
Westphalen, Emilio. Emilio Westphalen papers regarding surrealism in Latin America, 1938–1951.
Peruvian writer and editor, active in the literary and artistic avant-garde in Peru and Mexico. Letters, manuscripts, drawings, clippings, and ephemera document the work of Westphalen and the surrealist Peruvian poet César Moro (1903–1956). Many files relate to Las Moradas (1947–1949) and Amaru (1967–1971), journals published by Westphalen. Collection material is in Spanish.
Exposition internationale du surréalisme, Janvier-Fevrier 1938. Paris: Galerie Beaux Arts, 1938. 
N6494.S8 E9 1938
Organized by Breton and Eluard
Exposition internationale du surréalisme, 1959–1960: Galerie Daniel Cordier/ régie André Breton et Marcel Duchamp. Paris: Galerie Daniel Cordier, 1959. N6494.S8 E9 1959
Fischer, Ernst O. E. Ernst O. Fischer collection of printed ephemera relating to Max Ernst, 1951–81.
A collection of prints by leading Dada and Surrealist artist, Max Ernst, assembled by Ernst O.E. Fischer and comprising 164 sheets. Approximately 66 additional pieces in bound books are now part of the Library's core collection. It constitutes a comprehensive selection of the artist's graphic oeuvre and includes a number of unique examples. Collection material is in English. 
Herrera, Gloria de. Gloria de Herrera papers. 1936–1996.
American art preparator, restorer, and collector active in Los Angeles and Paris. De Herrera was a close friend of Man Ray, William Nelson Copley, and other notable artists. The papers include correspondence, documents, artworks, photographs, and audiovisual materials documenting De Herrera's milieu and activities. Collection material is in English. 
Mabille, Pierre. Miroir du merveilleux. Paris: Editions de minuit, 1962.
Roh, Franz. Franz Roh papers, 1911–1965.
German art historian and pioneering critic of the 20th-century avant-garde who took an interest in the study and development of photography as an art form. Collection consists primarily of letters received from more than 1,000 correspondents, ca. 1911–1965. The correspondence is of a personal, intellectual, and business nature, between Roh and colleagues and fellow students, critics, editors, gallery owners, and curators throughout Germany, France, and the United States. Collection material is in German. 
Rosenberg, Harold. Harold Rosenberg Papers, 1923–84.
American art critic who developed the concept of "action painting" to describe the work of New York School painters such as De Kooning and Pollock. In 1967 Rosenberg became the regular art reviewer for The New Yorker. The papers offer a comprehensive view of his professional life from the early 1930s until his death in 1978, with the greatest portion of material from the 1960s and 1970s. Collection material is in English. 
Senecaut, Gilbert. Letters to Gilbert Senecaut, 1940–49.
The collection relates to the Belgian Surrealist movement and its close ties with Surrealist movements in Latin America.