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Sketchbooks Research Guide

Facsimiles of Sketchbooks in the Getty Library

In addition to the large number of original sketchbooks in its collection, the Getty Library also holds many facsimiles of sketchbooks by artists such as Dürer, Turner, Cézanne, and Picasso. These facsimiles—which reproduce the original sketchbooks in exact scale and in similar materials—provide researchers the opportunity to experience these important objects by proxy.

Cézanne, Paul. Paul Cezanne Sketchbook, 1875–1885. New York: Johnson Reprint Corp., 1982.

--. A Cézanne Sketchbook: Figures, Portraits, Landscapes, and Still Lifes. New York: Dover Publications, 1985.

Degas, Edgar. A Degas Sketchbook: The Halévy Sketchbook, 1877-1883. New York: Dover Publications, 1988.

Dürer, Albrecht. Diary of his Journey to the Netherlands, 1520–1521: Accompanied by the Silverpoint Sketchbook and Paintings and Drawings Made during his Journey. Greenwich: New York Graphic Society, 1971.  

Friedrich, Caspar David. Skizzenbuch aus den Jahren 1806 und 1818. Berlin: Gebr. Mann, 1942.

de Honnecourt, Villard. Carnet de Villard de Honnecourt: D'après le manuscrit conservé à la Bibliothèque nationale de Paris (no 19093). Paris: Stock, 1986.

--. The Human Figure: The Complete “Dresden Sketchbook.” New York: Dover Publications, 1972.

Le Corbusier. Album La Roche. New York: Monacelli Press, 1997.

Lorrain, Claude. Sketchbook Owned by the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm. Stockholm: Nationalmuseum, 1984.

Moore, Henry. Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook. London: Thames & Hudson, 1980.

Morton, Henry. Danish West Indian Sketchbook and Diary. Copenhagen: Dansk Vestindisk, 1975.

Palmer, Samuel. The Sketchbook of 1824. London: Thames & Hudson, 2005.

Picasso, Pablo. Sketchbook: A Limited Edition Facsimile. New York: Abrams, 1960.

Prendergast, Maurice. Water-color Sketchbook, 1899. Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1960.

Renoir, Auguste. Renoir, carnet de dessins : Renoir en Italie et en Algérie (1881-1882). Paris: D. Jacomet, 1955.

Robert, Hubert. Robert in Rome: A Roman Sketchbook. New York: Pierpont Morgan Library, 2001.

Toornvliet, Jacob. A Facsimile of a Sketchbook by Jacob Toornvliet, Leyden 1635–1719. New York: Galdy Galleries, 1983.

Turner, J. M. W. The “Wilson” Sketchbook. London: Tate Gallery, 1988.

Wilson, Richard. An Italian Sketchbook: Drawings Made by the Artist in Rome and its Environs in the Year 1754. London: Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art, 1968.

Wright, Frank Lloyd. Florence Sketchbook of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1910. San Francisco: Wittenborn Art Books, 2010.