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Archives and Resources for Feminist Research

A list of selected archives, books, and online resources related to feminist art and research at the Getty Research Institute.

Introductory Reading

After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art
Edited by Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princethal, Sue Scott, 2013

Angry Women
Andrea Juro & V. Vale, 1991

Art, Women, California 1950-2000: Parallels and Intersections
Edited by Diana Burgess Fuller and Daniela Salvioni, 2002

Black Feminist Cultural Criticism
Edited by Jacqueline Bobo, 2001

By Our Own Hands: The Woman Artist's Movement, Southern California, 1970–1976
Faith Wilding, 1977

Crossing Over: Feminism and Art of Social Concern
Arlene Raven, 1987

Feminist Art Criticism: An Anthology
Edited by Arlene Raven, Cassandra Langer, and Joanna Ellen Frueh, 1988

Modern Women: Women Artists at the Museum of Modern Art
Edited by Cornelia H. Butler and Alexandra Schwartz, 2010

The Power of Feminist Art: The American Movement of the 1970s, History and Impact
Edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard, 1994

The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community
Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James, 1975

Sexual Politics: Judy Chicago's Dinner Party in Feminist Art History
Edited by Amelia Jones, 1996

Visual and Other Pleasures
Laura Mulvey, 1989

Women, Art, and Power and Other Essays
Linda Nochlin, 1988

Women, Art, and Society
Whitney Chadwick, 1990