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Johnson Publishing Company Archive Resource Guide

A resource of publications, selected archives, bibliographies, and information relating to the Johnson Publishing Company Archive.

JPC Magazines

While Ebony and Jet are the two most widely known JPC magazines, they are by no means the only ones that made an impact on Black history and visual culture. JPC began publishing the all-print magazine Negro Digest in 1942, later renamed Black World, which featured news stories and articles by and about Black people. Ebony and Jet began soon after and by 2000, JPC had published over ten different magazines that documented the global representation of Black life. 

Use the links below to see digitized copies of select JPC publications.

  Cover of Ebony magazine featuring Tina Turner performing live with a headline reading "Tina Turner Sizzling at 45"   Image

Negro Digest: Nov. 1942 - Oct. 1951 (select issues available on Google Books)

Ebony: Nov. 1945 - present (select issues available on Google BooksEBSCO, and

Tan Confessions: Nov. 1950 - Oct. 1952

Tan: Nov. 1952 - Oct. 1971

Jet: Nov. 1951 - Jun. 2014 (select issues available on Google BooksEBSCO, and Internet Archive)

Hue: Nov. 1953 - Jul. 1959

Copper Romance: Nov. 1953 - Jun. 1954

Beauty Salon: Nov. 1960 - Dec. 1960

Ebony Africa: Mar. 1964 - Sep. 1964

Black Stars: Nov. 1971 - Jul. 1981

Ebony Jr.!: May 1973 - Oct. 1985 (select issues available on Google Books)

Black World: Nov. 1961 - Apr. 1970; May 1970 - Apr. 1976 (select issues available on Google Books)

Ebony Man: Nov. 1985 - Jan. 1998 (select issues available on Google Books)

Ebony South Africa: Nov. 1995 - Jun. 2000